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Winter Current + Sardine Carrot Tartine

Winter Current + Sardine Carrot Tartine

Recipe by Rachael Petach

Winter Current + Sardine Carrot Tartine

Current Cassis 'Winter Current'

1 oz aquavit

2 oz Current Cassis

1 oz Salers

Juice from ½ lemon

½ oz aquafaba

½ oz Pet Net


Mix ingredients and shake on ice for about a minute. Strain into a stemmed cocktail glass of your choosing and sip away.

Sardine and Carrot Tartine

1 can of Fishwife Wild-Caught Sardines

2 slices of rye sourdough

crème fraîche

2 rainbow carrots

wakame seaweed


fish stock

1 pimenton

2 cloves of garlic

fennel or marigold for garnish


Prep carrots with a good wash and partial peel, then cook on medium-low heat in fish stock with wakame, ginger, pimenton, and garlic. Once soft, remove and let them chill in the fridge. Save the wakame for a side salad - mix with a little sesame oil, TART Oro Blanco vinegar, and a dash of tamari. Drink the remaining fish stock for health.


Once the carrots have cooled, fry the slices of rye in olive oil on a cast iron then allow the bread to cool so your creme fraiche doesn’t melt. When your toast is ready for it, top with a healthy dollop of crème fraîche. Thinly slice the carrots and alternate placement on the toast. Top with Fishwife Wild-Caught Sardines! Garnish with fennel, marigold, or both! We chose both.

Winter Current + Sardine Carrot Tartine


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