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Snackerel Plate

Snackerel Plate

Recipe by Vilda Gonzalez

1-2 servings

Snackerel Plate

Our formula for a satisfying snackerel (yes - its a mackerel snack) plate is simple: start with a delicious tin of of smoked mackerel, then serve it in the company of some crunchy vegetables, a cracker or a bread, always butter, a fresh herb, and a squeeze of citrus. This is great as a quick meal, but is also lavish enough to serve friends for an impromptu dinner hang. 


1 tin Slow Smoked Mackerel with Chili Flakes

A small handful of sliced turnips or radishes

A small cucumber, cut into slices or spears 

A small pinch of flaky salt to season your vegetables 

A couple pieces of your favorite bread or cracker 

Enough butter to generously coat your chosen amount of bread 

A small handful of basil leaves, or another fresh herb you have on hand 

A wedge of citrus (lemon, lime, or in our case - a little seasonal key lime, all work!)


Assemble all of the ingredients on a plate. You can build little open faced sandwiches, dunk the turnips/radishes in butter, or eat the mackerel plain with your fingers followed by a fresh bite of cucumber - you can’t go wrong!

Snackerel Plate


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