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Goat’s Milk Labneh

Goat’s Milk Labneh

Recipe by Lily Chait

Goat’s Milk Labneh


one part goat’s milk yogurt

one part cow’s milk yogurt

3 glugs of olive oil

salt to taste


Set a sieve or strainer over a bowl and line it with cheesecloth or a clean kitchen towel and set aside. In a separate bowl mix together the two kinds of yogurt, olive oil and salt. Once combined pour the yogurt mixture into the towel lined strainer. Fold the cheese cloth or towel over the yogurt and place in the fridge for 1-3 days, each day it sits give the mixture and little stir and discard the liquid that will collect at the bottom of the bowl. As the labneh sits longer it will get thicker so plan accordingly for your desired consistency. Spread labneh on toast and enjoy with fishwife trout and herbs.

Goat’s Milk Labneh


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